Friday, February 22, 2013

little girl big heart

I have to say a few things about my littlest girl because for all the annoying two year old things she does (just ask her brother and sister about that!) she is the sweetest little thing.
Her latest thing is to come up to me holding a stuffed animal gently in her folded arms (a different one each day), and look up at me with the most pitiful look and say, "Ohhh, they're lost.  They have no mommy."  This is followed by dramatic sighing and carrying on over the "baby" while I commiserate with her.  She eventually finds a mommy for the baby and then plays happily with something else knowing her good deed for the day is done.  Well, that's what I assume.  I have no idea what's going on  in that two year old head.  The funniest of these lost mom episodes was a few weeks ago at the library. She ran up to me and grabbed my hand and led me to some small girl she had cornered in the book aisles.  The little girl looked very confused as Hallie stroked the girl's arm and explained to me that she was lost with no mommy.  I stifled a giggle, and pointed out the small girl's mom just further down the aisle looking at books on tape.  Hallie slowly looked over at small girl to make sure I was making the correct assessment to which the small girl replied by standing there with her arms at her sides and the same confused expression.  As a way of explaining to the girl (and maybe herself) she said, "Your mom there my mom here" and gave a proud smile. Satisfied that she had, again, done her job she gave the girl a big hug (still nothing from small girl) and waved good-bye.
She worries about anyone that is crying and will ask repeatedly if someone is okay after they've been hurt. And if I ask her if she can help with something she'll say, "Shorrre, I can."  I love to see love and care coming out of my tiny girl.  It reminds me of what my number one task is every day and that is simply to love with my whole heart.