Monday, January 28, 2013

because I heart photo shoots

I really, really love photo shoots.  I love finding a beautiful spot.  I love finding that perfect light.  And I love that shot that makes my heart skip a beat.
My kids don't love photo shoots.  :)  Therefore, I have to photograph friends...and friends of friends.  So I have to share these shots of my friend Cara's baby, Caitlin.  The winter light had been beautiful the two afternoons before this shoot, but baby girl was sick so we waited it out.  The day they came over we had an ice storm and there was no sun anywhere an.y.where., so I tried a few spots and was so pleased (like jump and click my heels together pleased) to have found a spot with decent light and with the background she just looks dreamy.

And here is one of Hallie and Caitlin's brother Gavin- couple of the year. :)

And this is from the other day at my parents but I had to share.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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