Thursday, December 13, 2012

oh martha! oh christmas!

My sister and I say that to each other when we're at a loss for words.  Oh Martha! Ohh Christmas!  And then we dissolve into giggles.  It's from the Grinch- poor guy.
Anyway, I went to this brunch with one of my friends and our lovely speaker was talking about simplifying Christmas and making room for Him during the season (as in Let every heart prepare him room and heaven and nature singgg)... Anyway, as we were saying our goodbyes and closing our doors I laughed and said something like "Don't worry about me.  No more making gingerbread houses or candy canes (that ended in a real disaster, the kitchen looked like a murder had occurred recently) from scratch".  Laugh laugh... fast forward a few weeks.  She calls me while I'm in the midst of candy chaos- toffee, caramels, peppermint bark and I was in the process of making homemade marshmallows.  She says, "Ang, I thought we talked about this."
It all started really innocently with my grandmother's recipe for brownies (also known as Maida Heatter's Palm Beach Brownies-they are amazing), and then I don't really know what happened.  So to help you guys out (and myself b/c this will serve as my reminder to not make candy again...ever) I will tell you that I am a horrible candy maker b/c I am not patient.  The apple cider caramels are yummy, but I boiled them for an hour (an HOUR!) while I stirred them and looked longingly at my children fast asleep wishing I was too.  So if you like fast results just buy some at the store.  I mean how much are toffee and caramels anyway??  I turned the temp. up too fast with the toffee and it wasn't right but still not bad. The marshmallows I did really like.  The were pretty easy and so fluffy and fabulous in our hot chocolate.  The peppermint bark we do really love, but I got unsweetened chocolate for some reason and added sugar and it was really grainy and not even sweet.  Anyway, I seem to have a knack for making something easy a bit more difficult.  If you are interested check out the recipes, but just so you know the way that each person describes them on their blog will make you want to make them.  You've been warned.
*I had to upload the photo of the caramel because it makes me laugh.  You are not imagining it. I somehow made it look like a hot dog.  I'm not a food photographer!

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