Thursday, November 1, 2012

tricky treating

That's what it sounds like when Hallie says trick or treat, and then says again and again "mooore tricky treating". Hallie was Pocahontas but it got so cold and she has an ugly cough so at about 3 p.m. I decided to DIY us some Care Bear costumes.  The costumes make me laugh. A lot. :) She wouldn't wear the ears, and she rubbed off part of the nose so unless she was with me I don't think people knew what she was.  I haven't seen her this excited and happy since... well last week.  But she gave a big, excited HI to everyone that opened their doors (and also to a man wearing a hockey mask hiding in the bushes).  Well, except for this old man dressed as an alien. She was happily plodding along when she saw the alien and got this disturbed look and veered away quickly.  Ben was a baseball player and Natalie was a hippie.  Ben so was high on Halloween. He zipped from house to house so fast H and N eventually gave up with catching up with him.  Ris came with us (bless her). I know she got pretty chilly during our hour and a half mile walk in that black leotard.  :)

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