Saturday, November 24, 2012


I'm sure many other bloggers have this exact name for a post right now, but following a day of reflecting on what we're thankful for what could be more appropriate? A thankful heart is a cure all and I even dare to say it's magic.  Gratitude is a gift.  On days where daily stresses, complaints, and worries threaten to invade your well-being gratitude comes to the rescue with a promise of peace.  Maybe it is part of being a mother and knowing every moment is precious and fleeting, but I offer thanks daily and constantly on most days.  Thanksgiving day is special though. I always get this cheesy, nostalgic thankfulness thinking of the pilgrims and more specifically for my 13th great grandfather, William Brewster, who braved a new life in a different world seeking religious freedom and a better hope for the future.  See I told you it was cheesy.  I think of him because it makes history more real not because I feel I have much of a connection to him.  I'm pretty sure he is the super great grandfather of many, many people - like Ashley Judd I recently found out.  But as a parent I can relate to the thoughts he must have had for wanting a better life for his family, and with the struggles they must have had surviving over here.  I think it's interesting that he named his children Love, Patience, Wrestling, and Fear (he also had Jonathan and an unnamed child who died).  I can imagine the grateful hearts they must have had when it looked like things were looking up when they had the Native Americans show them the ropes of surviving.  I have so much to be thankful for.  Since our basic needs are met day to day they are often over looked.  So today I'm especially thankful that I have a warm house, plenty of food, and that my family is healthy and we are together.
So remember how I was just talking about how I ooze with thankfulness every day? This was not so true of me 2 days before Thanksgiving Day.  Hallie had been sick, then I was sick, then Ben was sick and I was sick of being in the house.  Let's just say my attitude was not the best that day.  I thought we were all on the mend, but that night Ben started coughing and almost spasming so much that he was having trouble breathing.  He was crying and I was holding him with a heart squeezing with guilt before M took him to the E.R (with what turned out to be the flu and croup).  Yeah...  Somedays I do forget how precious our health is, and the enormous gift of having my children and being able to feed them and keep them warm and safe.  Our Thanksgiving plans changed a bit, but Ben is doing much better. We all ended up with full tummies and overflowing hearts. Thank you for letting me indulge myself with the sappy outpouring and while I'm at it I'm also thankful husband who is just straight up amazing, my family because they make crazy more fun, my supportive, encouraging, fabulous friends and always for my God who is always looking out for me.

So my kids just ran and got me to tell me there was a present for me under the tree.  It was Hallie (lol) lying as straight as she could with a huge smile on her face.  Yep, I'm blessed.  Oh, and I'm thankful I got to spend so much time with my brother this weekend!

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