Monday, October 15, 2012

quick Monday diy

Looking for something to do today? Want something cheap, easy, and fun?  Look no further folks! :)
 I found a really cute necklace on Pinterest that was a complete fail, so I thought of doing this.  For my version I found some cute ribbon in the dollar ribbon section of Michael's (art store) and some wood beads at Hobby Lobby ($1.47 for pack of 8 big beads or 20 little beads), and I already had plenty of acrylic craft paint at home.  I had a wooden skewer that was fabulous for holding the little ditties (is that a word?) while I painted them and then I sprayed them with a clear sealer to finish.  Getting the ribbon through the bead also involved the skewer so don't throw that thing away!  I'm sure a needle or a thin pen or something would work well too. Okay- enjoy!

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