Friday, October 12, 2012

October art

I keep meaning to write down or post up cute little things my kids say or do.  I'll remember it one minute and the next the memory is swept up in the current of childhood.  I had this moment a few weeks ago where I went to check in on Hallie after she had fallen asleep.  She is in the same bed that used to be Natalie's and had on her hand me down pajamas, so for a brief moment I forgot who I was looking at.  It was like glimpsing into the past and getting Nati as a little bitty girl for just one more minute.  I love all the growing changes in my children. I love that I can go on a date with Natalie and enjoy talking with her.  I love that my growing children help me with chores whereas babies and toddlers seem to add more work to each task.  But those baby and toddler years are a blink.  So I am really trying to be intentional with all my time which means there is not a lot of creative time left for me.  Having said that, Hallie hasn't felt so well so we've had some down time at home this week. This left some time for me to be creative and finish up some painting projects.  I really wanted to find my own painting style this year friends. As you can see from these recent paintings I am no further along in finding my style than I was in January.  The top 2 are copied from something I pinned earlier this year, so the ideas are not mine but I made the paintings my own.  They are all so different, but they all make me happy!

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