Tuesday, October 30, 2012

my kids make me laugh

Last night I was helping Ben with his homework while Natalie did Study Island homework on the computer.  So I hear from the other room, "Mom, can you help me with this? I don't really know what a comma splice is."  Then Ben looks at me and asks what she said and I said "comma splice".  So he looks at me carefully and holds out his hand straight and chops the air.  He says, "This is simple it's a slice. The common slice is when you just cut it right down the middle."

Then another day we are at the library and Hallie walks right up to the librarian and says "Hola!".  She just loves Dora, so I'm not surprised that she says things in Spanish but it cracks me up that she uses Spanish words more than English words.  One night M was even calling me from the kitchen saying, "Quick tell me how to say "close" in Spanish" b/c she wouldn't close the fridge.  Also, after having two kids that have been pretty shy I am amazed at how fearless Hallie is.  At the library story time she is practically sitting in the lap of the man reading the books, and she shouts with excitement at the turn of every page.  I have to keep picking her up and putting her back in her place on the rug while she shoots me this super annoyed look.  But when she not disrupting things I love to see her happy, outgoing personality shine through.  I took the girls to Sweet Frogs (froyo) a few weeks ago, and they had a giant Sweet Frog (well person in a Japanimation looking girl frog costume) standing outside.  She ran right up to it and gave it the biggest most loving hug like it was a long lost friend.  She also super loves Llama Llama books (as in Llama Llama Red Pajama).  So everything is Llama this and Llama that.  So I've found the best way to get her to cooperate with me is to have her pretend that she is Little Llama and I'm Mama Llama.
Natalie makes me laugh too, but her humor is becoming increasingly mature.  Not that she tells dirty jokes or something like that (ha), but she just keeps impressing me with how much she knows about the world around her.  I will only mention that she has a crush once and I won't tell his name.  She won't tell a soul at school (including him) that she has this crush, so she makes me laugh with the antics of keeping it a secret.
So besides being amused by my kids I'm looking forward to the holidays and DIYing.  We made ornaments (painted ornaments) this week I saw on Pinterest that turned out so pretty, and I made H a little canvas for me to put her Bible verse cards she gets at Sunday school every week.

Friday, October 19, 2012

the punkin' patch

Hallie has, out of the blue, been obsessed with the "puckin pach".  I have no idea where she heard about it, but it's all she can talk about.   Even more amazingly she says it clear as a bell while most of her other words are muddled so only those close to her understand.  So I've been pretty excited to see what she actually thought of the p.p., and the other kids were begging for a corn maze trip.  I was thinking of going yesterday even though it was pouring rain on and off, but due to a variety of circumstances I instead had a mani/pedi sponsored by Mav and Ris (my brother and his girlfriend).  So today readied with fall colored nails of deep apple red and raisin we set off for a farm farther away than I planned, but with way more fall fun than I imagined.

We had the most beautiful and perfect fall weather.  The kind that makes you want to singggg. :) Actually, Ris and I might have broken out into a little Pocahontas "Colors of the Wind" while the orange, red, and yellow leaves fell all around us.  Moving on... This farm had it all and all for one really good price, so they will be getting our business next year for sure.  The had a big corn maze, a kid corn maze, bouncing things, a petting zoo, slides, ice cream that looked like it came from heaven, a climbing hill, and best of all we were rewarded with a covered wagon hay ride to the pumpkin patch of all pumpkin patches.  It was beautiful, orange-colored sea of happiness for Hallie.  I mean I don't understand it, but the girl loves those little gourds.  I maybe possibly got a little too into the seasonal spirit and considered buying a pilgrim outfit they were selling there.  Ris thought I meant for Halloween but I said um no for Thanksgiving.  And then we both had a really good laugh because I had been serious about it for a minute.  So now after being seriously amped on fall fun my little ones are now snug in their beds with visions of pumpkins dancing in their heads, and I'm headed there too.  Happy Fall!

Monday, October 15, 2012

quick Monday diy

Looking for something to do today? Want something cheap, easy, and fun?  Look no further folks! :)
 I found a really cute necklace on Pinterest that was a complete fail, so I thought of doing this.  For my version I found some cute ribbon in the dollar ribbon section of Michael's (art store) and some wood beads at Hobby Lobby ($1.47 for pack of 8 big beads or 20 little beads), and I already had plenty of acrylic craft paint at home.  I had a wooden skewer that was fabulous for holding the little ditties (is that a word?) while I painted them and then I sprayed them with a clear sealer to finish.  Getting the ribbon through the bead also involved the skewer so don't throw that thing away!  I'm sure a needle or a thin pen or something would work well too. Okay- enjoy!

Friday, October 12, 2012

October art

I keep meaning to write down or post up cute little things my kids say or do.  I'll remember it one minute and the next the memory is swept up in the current of childhood.  I had this moment a few weeks ago where I went to check in on Hallie after she had fallen asleep.  She is in the same bed that used to be Natalie's and had on her hand me down pajamas, so for a brief moment I forgot who I was looking at.  It was like glimpsing into the past and getting Nati as a little bitty girl for just one more minute.  I love all the growing changes in my children. I love that I can go on a date with Natalie and enjoy talking with her.  I love that my growing children help me with chores whereas babies and toddlers seem to add more work to each task.  But those baby and toddler years are a blink.  So I am really trying to be intentional with all my time which means there is not a lot of creative time left for me.  Having said that, Hallie hasn't felt so well so we've had some down time at home this week. This left some time for me to be creative and finish up some painting projects.  I really wanted to find my own painting style this year friends. As you can see from these recent paintings I am no further along in finding my style than I was in January.  The top 2 are copied from something I pinned earlier this year, so the ideas are not mine but I made the paintings my own.  They are all so different, but they all make me happy!