Monday, September 24, 2012

the big TEN

That's right. Someone in our house just turned 10! I just teared up a little as I wrote that.  We've been celebrating a lot over here with separate parties with both grandparents and one coming up this weekend at a hotel with friends.  She is having 2 friends spend the night at a hotel with her (and I) to swim and eat and she has all the activities planned for their dolls.  I know the whole doll thing won't last that much longer, so I'm eating it up.  She wanted to have each girl make suitcases for their doll to take on their "trip", and we found these great little lunch boxes at Michaels art store that are too cute for words.  So anyway pics of that to come, but we celebrated last Wed. with my fam and then over the weekend with a little boat trip to Lakeside Tavern for lunch with M's fam.  I don't have pics of her riding, but she got some a new helmet and gloves so she feels like a real equestrian.  She got an ipod touch, so she is all about facetime and all of her new apps. I also like to borrow her new "toy". :) And she got a new doll just in time for her party!
Then Sunday I hauled the girls to the local botanical gardens for a little fall festival.  It wasn't quite what I pictured, but it was still a fun little day.  If I hadn't forgotten the diaper bag and if someone wasn't tired from going to the football game we might have been in better shape. Nati really wanted ice cream that we couldn't find, and Hallie wanted a donut.  See the happy photo of Hallie in the donut line? That was right before they announced they were out of donuts.  Ha. But there was a hay ride and petting zoo, so it was sort of a success.  How cute is the fried pies stand btw??

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