Saturday, September 15, 2012


If you've read my blog in the past few months you know about my slight obsession with meringue.  I even had my friend Beth call me from Austria at 9 am on a Sunday to ask for step by step instructions for the stuff.  So there are these beautiful, colorful French cookies, I think they are called macarons, that are made with egg whites and then have this creamy or fruity middle (depending).  Anyway, I've always wanted to try them, but they are difficult to find in America (or at least in Tennessee).  They are also expensive for how small they are but anyway.... This past week Hallie and I had a little day in the city with M's parents.  I've been dying to try this restaurant, The French Market, ever since I read about them in Southern Living.  Their crepes are so very yummy (we had the vegetarian and the strawberry to share), and then to top it off they had my bucket list macaron cookies (woo hoo!).  So I bought them and enjoyed them immensely.  They are a combo of light and airy but also decadent.  They are pictured in the bottom part of the photo of Hallie at the restaurant.  I had to get a photo because no one ever knows what I'm talking about when I explain them.  See, they do exist!
Also, I bought H this little rain cloud shirt from Boden during their Labor Day sale.  I love love love Boden, but rarely order from them.  This shirt makes me a ridiculous amount of happy.  I'm crazy. I realize it.  I share a love for this company with my friend Kate.  If you love London or words like parcel and cheeky humor you will love Boden too.

Finally, I mixed up the time for Ben's baseball game so we got there a bit early with plenty of time for us to play catch.  Do you know what I look like playing catch? It's funny. In my own defense I didn't have a mit, so Ben ended up throwing me grounders.  I don't love baseball, but I did love having some alone time with my boy and marveling over how grown up he is acting and looking.

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