Wednesday, August 22, 2012

the big sneeze

One of Ben's favorite books is about this horse named Robert who is really, really, really allergic to roses.  Robert's entire life is affected because of his allergies, but all turns out well in the end b/c he sneezes down some bank robbers with the biggest sneeze ever.  I think he must love that book so much because he relates to poor Robert the horse.  We met with an allergy doctor this week for the first time since he was 2.  I thought it was time we tested to see what he is allergic to now and how we can protect him, but also prevent things as he is wanting to be out "there" more and try new things (be it activities or foods).  I really wish I knew how to upload photos from my phone on to my computer because the photo of his back after the tests was really shocking.  His back had so many big swollen, red bumps that he was dying to itch.  The worst one was oak, and it even had little bumps around the big bump.  The nurse pointed that out to me, and I investigated his back like an awed scientist with a new scientific find.  So he is allergic to all pollens, and super allergic to dogs and a bit cats.  I'm not really surprised by those, but it's still shocking to see it all together and wonder how he even functions.  Then he is still allergic to peanuts and the doctor said to avoid tree nuts also. He also tested positive for an allergy to lobster, scallops, crab, and shrimp.  We are unsure about egg, and because he's really been wanting to try scrambled eggs ( I put eggs in baked goods all the time and he's fine) we are taking him for a blood test just to make sure it's ok to try.  Anyway, none of this interferes with life that much. We know what things to avoid, to shower off pollens at night, we have eyedrops for his constantly itchy, sensitive eyes, and we avoid houses with pets.  That's sad I realize.  Natalie wants a puppy so bad as I did at her age.  She soaks up her animal time on Saturdays with the horses she rides.  The problem is I really wanted to go visit my sister for spring break now that she is in Florida, and she has a dog.  A little, tiny dog that is supposed to be hypoallergenic.  The last time we visited in Nashville Ben's eyes swelled up into slits within an hour, so the doctor was like umm how bad do you really want to visit?  Um really bad b/c I'm fantasizing about visiting all the fun things in Ft. Lauderdale and maybe driving over to Disney for his birthday.  So anyway at least we are stocked with ways to protect him including inhalers, an Epi-pen, a breathing meter, and antihistamines.

On a different note school has started, and I am really happy with both of the kids teachers. It's their last years at the schools they are at, and they are enjoying being "seniors".  Ben started baseball last week, and Natalie is begging for ice skating again.   The photo of Hallie has nothing to do with this post, but it's stinkin' cute.  The other photo is the kids the first week of school.  It was pouring rain the first day, and my body was in shock to be up so early it couldn't function enough to take a pic anyway. Yep, Ben's really got to take it easy on the Joe- kidding it's hot chocolate. He loves it so much he refused to put it down for the pic.

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