Wednesday, July 11, 2012


And, yes, I'm talking about relief from the heat.  I woke up to an overcast morning with light rain.  Summer rain is bliss.  So I went out for my semi-daily walk/run with a renewed vigor.  I mean really I felt like a gazelle (although I'm laughing because I know I did not look like one in any way).  My adorable Asian neighbor Sue was taking her daily walk at the same time, and she threw up her hand (well hand b/c the other was holding an umbrella) and said, "Ohhh, you need help from the rain".  I was like are you kidding?!?!  I said something in reply about how amazing this feels and how I've been waiting for some relief for weeks.  So yes my day started with me getting soaking wet but ridiculously happy in the process.
So okay I have a new salad recipe that I made last night for the first time, and I think it's really good.  I tried it out on some friends, so thank goodness it turned out okay.  The dressing is pretty thick and a bit hard to spread around, but it works out if you are patient with it.
And I've found a great new summer song....
And here are some photos from the weekend....

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