Monday, July 30, 2012

just beachy

We are just back from a very full two weeks in Hilton Head.  I've been going there for 20 years, and what is amazing is that we are still having fun "firsts" along with all of our old favorites.  My favorite part was my morning bike rides with Nati, but other highlights include finding sand dollars right under our feet in the ocean, fresh and yummy sushi date with M followed by gelato, Ben finding a (fake) pirate coin in the playground sand, a night time walk with M on the Harbourtown golf course, the petting zoo at Lawton Stables, the sweet smell of salty air, and Hallie turning 2!
We decided to bring the best parts of home with us on the trip (smile)... Thank you Christin for meeting and helping me for a few days! So glad you could come and hang!  My poor Dad only got to spend the weekends with us as he was working in Charlotte, but we had fun together while he was there! The last night there I took the best nap I've had in a very long time with baby while Dad took the kids to putt putt and dinner. And we always have a great time when the whole Hagood clan is together. M's brothers and Dad got to play some golf one morning, we had some amazing dinners (a big thanks needs to go out to Philip, Nathan, and Gigi for waiting in line an hour and a half so we could eat some Sea Shack!),  and then as always we totally beached it up!  Last but not least Cara's family was there and we got in a bit of time together walking, getting our nails done, and they all got to come for Hallie's low key birthday party. We used to come to Hilton Head together back when we were teenagers, so it was fun to be there together again all these years later although it was not in any way the same as it was back then- back then we had energy...and sleep.  But we have amazing husbands and kids now, and that makes vacation even sweeter.

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