Friday, July 6, 2012

brave and yum

I am very happy to report that the little girl who, in first grade, wrapped herself around my legs every morning from August to December in the school cafeteria, and pleaded with me not to leave her is now not such a little girl and a graduate of sleep away camp.  I'm so proud that she's brave enough to go off to camp with one friend and about one hundred relative strangers, and then come back to me dirty but happy and drama free.  She's even talking about camp next year already!

Two weeks before that we all did (the kids went and I volunteered in Ben's class) VBS, and sadly the next few weeks after that have landed Hallie and I with a stomach virus, cold, and a toe infection (Hallie on that last one).  BUT this has given me time to do some laid back things at home like a few new crafts (like this fun photo magnet play tray for Hallie, found the cookie tray at the dollar store!), (I'm embarrassed to admit) watching the Bachelorette, puzzling with Ben, and finding new recipes.
So without further ado friends I will introduce you to the yummiest dessert I could find on the world wide web- some call it gooey cake, some call it crack pie, and I've even heard Neiman Marcus brownies (fancy), but I'm going with the chess bar title because it sounds the most appetizing.
I also have been waxing poetic about meringue cookies.  I had three egg whites left over from making key lime pie, and while I could have saved them for an egg white omelet I decided to whip them up with 1/3 cup of sugar and a drop of orange extract.  Amazing. AH MAZ ING.  How, HOOWWW, can yucky clear sticky liquid whip up into crispy on the outside and sweet, chewy on the inside deliciousness?? It truly is the incredible edible egg.

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  1. You are hilarious!!!! I'm so glad you have been cooking, I'm just wondering when you are going to send some of that sweetness over to me! LOVE the cookie tray/magnet are the most creative mother I know.