Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the ladies man

So Benj was taking a much needed shower yesterday, and I was picking up around the bathroom when I hear a little shriek and he calls me over to him.  He sticks his head out with wide eyes and thrusts the back of the new Axe body wash/shampoo towards me. He said, "Did you read this?! This says it will make all the ladies like me!!!!!!" He had a satisfied smile that surprised me because I thought he could not care less about girls.  So then he gets out and wraps a towel around himself and says with a sly smile, "So, how do you like me now?"  Then he got really excited to see the Axe deodorant and quickly slathered some on.  I'm still laughing, but I'm especially glad he's reading...whatever it may be.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

sweet summer

When we lived in NC I mourned not being in Knoxville the most during the summer.  Now that we are back I am reminded once again of why I love summers here.  Lately, it has a lot to do with being able to go out on M's parent's boat and spend time on the lake and in the pool.  I love love love being on and in the water, and it makes my heart sing to see my children enjoying it as much as I do with people we love. I snapped a few pics over the weekend of some the beautiful people in my life including my best friend and her baby.  Next to being in/on the water my favorite place is behind a camera...ok it ties w/ being behind a book.