Thursday, May 24, 2012

the painter, the baker, and the jewelry maker

I think I can safely say I will never be a butcher or a candlestick maker, but in joining Pinterest I have embarked on more DIY projects than I ever thought I would. It's just that there are so.many. cool things to try. AND it just seems so fool proof... there is this photo of how this awesome thing will turn out...AND step by step photos and then the kicker is all the comments below from these random Pinning people who sort of seem like my friends and they all say oh I LOVE this and oh this was so great and easy and on and on. So some of my awesome things have turned out awesome though usually require more work than I thought from the easy peasy photos. Then I admire my awesome thing and sometimes my husband and friends do too, and then I just smile graciously and say "Oh, I just found it on Pinterest" like I magically pulled it out of the computer while in real life my house is covered in flour or beads or paint. Well, I do love to Pin still but the funny thing about that site is that you do seem to think b/c you get one thing right that you can do all the things. My mom always did say pride comes before the fall. But that's ok, don't worry friends, I'm not getting too prideful over here b/c I'm falling a lot. Let's take for instance how last night I thought I was a pretzel maker just b/c I've always admired how they do it at Auntie Anne's. How DO THEY DO it at Auntie Anne's?? It looks really easy and it is not- nope it's a no go. In fact, I thought it would be this fun activity to kick off summer break but I was left alone with my flour and water baking soda bath (for the pretzels sadly). And Michael passed by long enough to say that what I was doing really looked like a huge pain. And I replied that yes, yes it was. Well, I'll just take this as a life lesson. We can't be good at everything. I've always been a bit jealous of the people who figure out what they are good at right from the start because my figuring out has been a very long process. Ah- this is a good segway to talking about  trying to help my kids figure out what they are good at or just what they like or what can they do (besides watching Spongebob) that they will be so immersed in that I can get something done for myself. Well, for B so far it's baseball. Natalie has had a long and complex career in trying things like soccer and cheerleading and swim, but she has really found a love for riding horses and even more lately ice skating. So don't worry friends I shall continue to pin, and maybe one day my children will tell their children who will tell their children about my famous bread/cookie/salad/soup recipes, and how I always had the best ideas for at home fun, not to mention they will inherit a really hilarious and random art collection and it will all be because I pinned.

Monday, May 14, 2012

give my regards to broadway

This always happens. I look forward to a getaway for weeks and weeks and then it flies by and I'm home wondering what in the world just happened to me...and, in this case, wondering what happened to the beautiful city scape outside my window, my view of the New Year's ball, and the pretty twinkling lights to put me to sleep. And I miss my husband who is back at work instead of touristing with me. But then, as always, I notice new things about my normal life like when did Hallie's hair get so long, or (as I noticed when I checked in on Ben after he fell asleep) when did his legs start reaching that far down the bed?? My ideas for activities with the kids and meal plans have been reinvigorated, but I know I will be wistfully replaying every moment (except when the falafel made me feel awful) over the next week and slightly mourning that the vacation is over as I get on with my regular life. Sigh. :) I will highlight going to see Wicked on Broadway (at the Gershwin) for our 10th (!!!!) anniversary and our dinner at Natsumi before. If you go to NYC please see Wicked- it's so so so fabulous. I absolutely loved going for pizza with Julie and her family at Lombardi's in Little Italy. I miss her and them so much, and I'm so happy I got to meet baby Elise while we were there! I think M's favorite was Top of the Rock, and I have to say it's a pretty fantastic view! Then there was Ground Zero, Wall St., Dylan's Candy Bar (b/c Serendippity's wait was way too long), the Staten Island Ferry, Central Park, the Museum of Nat. History, Grand Central Station, and some shopping... This was all in just two and a half days so we were a bit travel weary! Thank goodness for photos because otherwise I might be thinking it was all just a really good dream.