Thursday, April 19, 2012

blissed out

So the past few nights I keep marveling with Michael about how much Natalie knows and the funny things she says. She's doing ice skating on Sundays, and afterwards this past Sunday we went for ice cream and she told me all about the dating life of her teacher. She said Ms. W's boyfriend sends her flowers at least once a week (I'm not sure I believe this), and Natalie said it drives her crazy b/c she sits next to her teachers desk. She said, with an air of disapproval in her voice, they smell really strong and sometimes make her sneeze.
Ben has been leaning his seat all the way back in the car lately, and I said something to him about sitting up in a car like a normal person. Then Natalie leans over and comments, "Yeah who do you think you are? Lil' Wayne? And I looked at her and asked her how she knows who Lil' Wayne is, and she gives me one of those all knowing tween looks she's been giving me lately. It kind of freaks me out and kind of makes me laugh.
I love that they're old enough to blast music with now- so our latest faves are We Are Young and What Makes You Beautiful and sometimes Where I Belong and also that silly Lorax song-Let It Grow. Actually, I downloaded What Makes You Beautiful for Nati and then I played it and she gives me this look again and said this song was really overplayed. Right. But then I saw her with my ipod on an hour later mouthing the words to the song... so. Hallie loves dancing to anything and joins in when she sees fit. I always think she's such an independent thinker, but then last weekend I was babysitting a little boy and girl her age who had pacis in their mouths. So what does H do? (Mind you she has never liked pacis.) She goes and finds an old paci somewhere, and sticks it in. Peer pressure starts young I guess.
p.s. I've just started the book Expecting Adam and so far its really good.

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