Friday, October 14, 2011

have mercy

I have discovered Pinterest and, oh yes, its all its cracked up to be. I love it love love it. So while I spent a little time on this morning getting excited about Christmas gift ideas and the wonder of the internet my sweet baby was pouring pretzels on the floor and crushing them to bits and pulling toilet paper off of the rolls. :) Ah yes, the toddler years. Have mercy (thank you Uncle Jesse). Benjamin was quite confused that I wasn't so mad about the pretzels and that they were all still laying there an hour later. He said, "You do know that Hallie poured pretzels on the floor and crushed them up right?" I responded with an "awesome.", and since he doesn't understand sarcasm yet he really thought that I thought it was truly awesome. So he then admitted that he crushed up some of the pretzels too (since they were there and all) with a proud smile on his face. And since I had an hour of creative computer time this morning I smiled back (and then grabbed the vacuum).
Lina made some really amazing potatoes au gratin this week and news flash the best au gratin is WITHOUT cheese!! This still blows me away. Actually I don't know what au gratin means so if it means something with cheese and I will have to rename them. I'll just call them Lina's Potatoes and here's how they go- peel and slice potatoes as you would for any au gratin. Layer the potatoes in a baking dish (we did 8 X 8)Then pour cream over them so the cream is even with the height of the potatoes. Then salt ,pepper, and nutmeg those babies then toss it so its all seasoned evenly. Bake at 350 for an hour.
Lina went to youth group while they were cooking so we taste tested while she was out (with her permission). I got a WOW from Michael on the couch, and Ben said he would never eat potatoes again unless they were made exactly like this. Really they are so good and so much better than the ones with cheese. I know I can't believe it either.

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