Wednesday, October 5, 2011

all its cracked up to be

Baby Hagood (quickly becoming a not so baby so I'm using that phrase as long as I can) has just been set up with some paper and a marker. She was gesturing to both and saying something in baby talk so I assume she wanted to draw. Ha. At any rate she is occupied for a few minutes, so I can reflect on the past few weeks.
I turned 30 since I last blogged, and that included a lot of celebration!! I have some really great friends and family that totally spoiled me and loved on me and assured me that I'm not old (smile). The weekend before the big day Lina, Cara, Noah, Natalie and I hiked the Chimneys. I hadn't meant for this to be a big deal, but it turned out to be a little more of a time .sacrifice than I planned. Live and learn, right? God gave us a seriously gorgeous day, and I was lovin' the fresh mountain air. The day of I got to see my friend Beth who I never get to see b/c she lives very far away, and a few other friends stopped by too! Basically it was a really wonderful day and I have some super great friends (not to mention my husband, parents, and in-laws!). I LOVE you guys! Theennnn me, Michael, the kids and Lina met my bro and his g.f. at my sister's new place in Nashville. Besides Ben having an allergic reaction to my sister's dog and a few other hitches in the smooth plans I had in my head (laugh) we all had a great time at Centennial Park, the Opryland Hotel, and shopping with the girls. I am so thankful for this little break from reality, and I spent some time thinking about the last decade, how my kids are growing up, and how much fun I've had but also how far I've come. I have so much to thank God for in my life, and I can truly say good time or hard times God is good all the time (a bit wild but good!).
Okay my time is up, Hallie now has red dots on her face, her ear, and scribbles on the chair. God bless whoever invented washable markers.


  1. Good picture of you and Beth. Sounds like a fun bday. Happy 30th!!