Sunday, September 18, 2011


Hard for me to spell and even harder for me to say but its a yummy meal from Germany. I can't believe Lina and I actually mixed some flour, eggs, and water together and created our own noodles with the special spaetzle maker. I'm becoming more talented by the day- just kidding! But we are having fun, and I'm learning great new meals!


Natalie turns 9 tomorrow!! Her favorite thing to do right now is ride horses, so naturally that is what she wanted to do for her birthday. My friend Kate, Lina and I drove Natalie and her two best friends to Chattanooga to Aunt Carolyn's farm where she and our cousin Austin graciously led the girls around and gave them a really fabulous afternoon!

fallin' for fall

Pumpkins, apples, football, cool weather- fall is here!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

a few firsts

This has been a fun week full of "firsts"- Natalie's first time going to camp, Hallie's first taste of moon pie, Ben's first time at boy scouts and first all the time for Lina. I had my first go at Indian cooking. I added way to much water the first time with the rice, so it looked like a huge puffy cloud of rice mush. The next time I will follow Lina's mother's directions more carefully. :) It turned out well all things considered so this is good!

Monday, September 5, 2011

lake day

Celina (and Lina as we call her now) arrived safely last week! We are excited about our adventures together while she is here, and that started with...waterskiing! Lina bravely started with the wakeboard (first time) and moved to skis (first time since she was little). I'm not sure I'll ever be trying the wakeboard, but never say never I guess. We had so much fun! I was hoping we would get to tube, but a storm came through so I'm hoping for maybe one more day before the weather gets cold. Next up is adventures in cooking! Lina is teaching me a curry dish, quiche (we're talking with Gruyere cheese and nutmeg and a lot of love), and spaetzle this week.

lemon drop

Painting this made me so thirsty for lemonade! I just had to be careful I didn't put the brush in it. :) Happy Birthday Kate!