Wednesday, July 27, 2011

they say its her birthday da da da da daa

Today I'm sitting with a Happy Birthday Hallie banner tied up on the window next to me, little bags of crayon heart favors in front of me (fun craft will post on that later), and my i calendar says its July 27th, but I still find it hard to believe. How has it been a year? I have a beautiful, healthy, spirited girl that I'm celebrating a year with. But then why do I find myself holding back tears about everything including Amy Winehouse's death? Well, although I know close to nothing about her or her music she was someone's little girl after all. Why though? I think its one of those things that I will know later on and maybe today I shouldn't ask myself so many questions. I will let myself be sad to say good-bye to the tiny baby year- the first time I held her, the first gummy smile, the first laugh, crawling, her first steps... I can wrap those up in a beautiful box and close the lid. They were a year of gifts from God, and I can open the lid on a new year (hopefully one that includes a full night's sleep). It's not time to pack up all the ruffle bottomed pants and tiny shoes yet. She's still a baby, and we still have so many things to explore and learn together. So happy birthday sweet girl! I love you so much.

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