Monday, July 25, 2011

a little bit on love

I read my journal entry today from exactly one year ago, and wow was I going through a lot. I was going in to be induced the next day, and I had just moved into our new house the day before. On one hand I'm sooo glad that to be a year away from that-- settled in the house, used to life with Hallie, not on the brink of giving birth (ha). On the other hand, it was such an exciting time. I was about to meet our daughter, who I now know and love and can't imagine life without. It was all so overwhelming it was hard to digest. I have tears in my eyes even now. I felt God's presence so strongly b/c I was so in need of strength outside of my own, and I felt the love of friends and family so much. I needed them, and was so humbled that so many people stepped in to love on me and us. I really really hope I'm as good of a friend as they were, and that I love on those people as strongly as they've loved me (and continue to do so). It really is true that everything comes down to faith, hope and love and the greatest of those really is love.
Here's the other thing- I've learned to not envy any one else's life, and God gave me this verse when I was in NC ....Don't you love it when God shows you a verse and says hey this is you right now? Well, I didn't at the time, but now I'm really thankful for it....... James 3:16 (NCV)
" Where jealousy and selfishness are, there will be confusion and every kind of evil." It's true - envy is ugly and when it worms its way in it makes you resentful and dissatisfied (is that a word?) and open to every kind of evil (EVERY KIND OF EVIL?!). Don't mess with it peeps.
Okay now the kids are home, and therefore I've lost the ability to think clearly. I meant to also say that we are having such an amazing summer, but I will be celebrating the return of normalcy and schedules in 3 weeks. The other moms and I will have a party- just kidding- sort of. I feel like I am cleaning the same messes every day, and I really miss having every morning to run to the gym or do errands with just one child instead of three. Also, Hallie turns one on Wednesday!! I have mixed emotions on this, but mainly I'm looking forward to having a few friends over and celebrating.

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