Friday, June 10, 2011

grand plans

Its VBS week, so the kids have been at church from 9-noon every day. I had grand plans for what I would do with this time, but even on the most productive day all I did was go for a walk and take a shower before it was time to pick them up. Every mother knows that time away from the kids is deceptive especially if you have another one you have to take with you. I was going to go to the gym after the art store, but after 10 mins. in the art store Hallie was so cranky and sleepy we had to just go home for her nap. Ah well, I really don't mind. I know from experience that these days go quickly and I enjoy slow, quiet days anyway. I did finally get to making a name sign for Celina even though she won't be here for another two months, and I made some homemade bread that is amazing. Isn't it always that when you make something from home you always claim you'll never buy it again? I do but the breadmaking is a bit of a long process, so we'll see how long this keep up. I found the recipe here...
We had a really fan.tas.tic afternoon with the Rymers on Monday. It was one of those miraculous times when all the kids get along and K and I got to talk and sip on Sobe pina coladas- those are SO good, please try. Hallie was sitting next to me as we were talking and I looked over and saw her slightly slumped. She was asleep! No crying or even fussiness, so I just laid her on the cushion for a nap. I'm telling you it was perfect afternoon!
I've also been painting a lot and loving that. I'm posting the silhouette I did for our friend Bennett, and I'm thinking about trying to sell these on Etsy???
We have grand plans for the summer so we'll see what adventures we fall into. We're hoping for camping, Dollywood, and the beach to name a few. Love summer!!.... You've got to keep your head up heyy ayy and you can let your hair down heyy ayyy..... (It's stuck in my head-might be my summer anthem.)

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