Sunday, May 22, 2011

growing up

When I was really young I can remember thinking that I just could.not.wait to grow up. Then I hit twelve/thirteen and started getting a little freedom. I felt like life was REALLY beginning, then started driving, dating, then whoosh got married, and whoosh somehow I have three children of my own and am a for real adult. I know that if my very young self could see myself now she would think wait I don't mean that old. Ha- you know that song "Strawberry Wine" with the line "when thirty was old". Not that I think thirty is old by any means but I'm saying all this to say that I've been reflecting the last week on how high school seems like yesterday and now I'm seeing my old friends and realizing how very grown up we are (despite how sometimes act when we're together) and how fun it is seeing everyone morph into their adult selves. Really its beautiful, and I love how we've settled into our real selves, and that everyone is different. Even those of us who are moms are doing things differently and using our time in different ways outside of the mom role. I love getting to know my old friends in a new way...
This brings me to my visit with my old roommate Coco last week who she just opened a salon in town. I love it. It's so relaxing, and she basically had to kick me out b/c it felt like an oasis from real life. All the fun smells, colors, furniture had me exploring around like Curious George. I was seriously filled with a childlike wonder as if I am never let out of the house, and now I'm a bit embarrassed about that. I drank coffee like I had never had it before. I opened essential oils and sniffed around to find the best one. You get the picture, but just in case you don't here are a few that I took that day.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

the baby sleeps tonight

Ohh eeeeee the baby sleeps tonight. Ohh eeee okay sorry this is really false advertising because Hallie is sleeping like she has for months and months which means she wakes up somewhere between 2 and 5 and I take her to our bed where we blissfully curl up together and I feed her for about 5 mins. before she falls asleep and I do also with my last conscious thought being "I should really put her back in her crib now". Then she always attacks her poor dad at some point. This morning I found them curled up together except in a strange way that involved her feet being in his face and him being pushed almost off the bed. The doctor said I should let her cry it out at night, but you know that doctor has a 13 yr. old daughter and I don't think she remembers what its like to let them cry it out b/c it is straight misery. I tried really hard last night to let her just put herself to bed, but after ten minutes I felt like I was going to literally pull my hair out or maybe someone else's or worse...way worse. So I did what I think any mother has the natural instinct to do and held her and rocked her and ran my hands through her short hair until she surrendered to sleep ten (much more peaceful) minutes later. I don't think I like my doctor. Anyway, I took this photo of her yesterday during a nap. Ohh I love it when she sleeps these days. I really can't get much done when she's awake and it seems my entire energy goes to feeding her and keeping her away from choking hazards (as in legos, Nerf darts, puppy in my pocket...). I am so happy when she falls asleep and I can do something crazy like get the dishes AND laundry done or take a shower without hearing screaming from her crib or worrying what she has her hands on now. The good news is that she will occupy herself for a short time in her room at her little kitchen now- mainly sucking on pretend fruits and veggies and banging them together. That's where she is now in fact.
Okay so on to the other photo. Its teacher appreciation week and thanks to Family Fun I got the idea to make these paper tea cups by drawing the shape of a tea cup on some cute paper and cutting out two of them, glue together sides, and place packages tea bag inside, then glue ribbon inside with a tag glued to the other side of the ribbon that says "You're a great TEA-cher!". Also, if you haven't read this retelling of Cinderella by Cynthia Rylant you should find it. I adore this book! She has written many children's books and really has a way with words. It had me at the first page....
This is a story about darkness and light, about sorrow and joy, about something lost and something found. This is a story about Love. I think that quote should proceed the Bible.