Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the problem with shopping

After organizing my closet and getting rid of a LOT of clothes that either don't fit/aren't me anymore/or aren't age appropriate for me as I'm turning (gasp) 30. So I recently filled in some holes with a few cute shirts, two perfect dresses (one for church one for party), and yes some jeggings. The problem with shopping is that I keep finding more things I like or sigh...love while I'm out. If I'm sitting in I'm blissfully unaware of the super cute things out there. Here are the things I have my eye on....
Jewel Tiered Necklace Shell

Wide Stripe Ruffle Tank

And finally this necklace I sooo want for my 30 birthday with an H swirl charm (for Hallie), a girl silhouette (for Natalie), and a March birthstone (for Ben). Michael wanted to know why he wasn't represented on the necklace, and I said b/c the charms are $45 each!
Also, BIG news coming soon!!!


  1. Hey! Sorry I am just replying to your comment! I just saw that I had it! We bought the teething necklace from a seller on etsy.com I think her name is "amber for sale" she is from Latvia. I can't believe how much it helps! Gabriel just got in 4 molars and we never knew! He never acted like he was in pain at all! They are amazing! I hope you are doing well! I love to read about you guys on your blog!

  2. What is the big news?? PS, I want a necklace like similar to that too. Also, tell Michael the chain represents him...holding it all together.

  3. Thanks Nikki! I thought even if it doesn't work they are cute but good to know its working for you, so I def. want to try it!
    Cat- the big news is a girl coming to stay with us this fall from Germany! That is perfect to tell Michael- hahaha!! Love it! I actually did convince my mom to buy it for my big birthday this year, and she said I could get a heart charm with sun rays coming out of it to represent Michael. We had a 30% off coupon for red envelope through e-mail so I'm super excited it should be here tomorrow! I will have to exercise some crazy self-control to hold off until Sept. to wear it....