Wednesday, March 16, 2011

this time of year

This time of year is not my favorite. It could be. It has possibility. Its finally getting warm and buds are starting to sprout flowers, but its so awkward. Its not cold but its not warm. The Bradford pears blooming mean my allergies will be making me miserable for weeks. You can see in these pictures that Ben's sensitive eyes are not quite ready for this bright spring light after a long, dark winter. The good news is in just a few weeks it really will be warm. The white trees will turn green. The rest of the world will bloom, and our skin and eyes will adjust to the sunlight. :)
Our baby is getting strong! She pulling her legs under her and trying to crawl with all her baby might. How did I forget how amazing babies are??
These photos are from our weekend in Atlanta. The wedding we went to was gorgeous- a simple gorgeous. It was the most perfect March day, and the kids were all in a good mood. Then Natalie, and Gigi and I went to the American Girl store. It was like Christmas morning for Natalie! Really, it was the perfect weekend and I wish it could have lasted all week.

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