Friday, March 11, 2011

ladybug in my meatloaf and wedding painting

Yes, one of our many new household pets er pests landed right in Natalie's meatloaf last night. Ew. The ladybugs, along with the many new beautiful blooms outside and the sound of sneezing inside, are a sign that our world is about to change. I am feeling this urgency but I don't know if its the urgency to hold on to the last cozy days of winter snuggling up to with my baby. Or if its the urgent feeling that spring is coming and I can't wait for it to burst forth with all of its mightiness of blooms and warmth. I'm so excited for days where the trees are fully dressed, and we don't have to bundle up to go out and play. I'm excited for Hallie to see this world and play in the grass.
So this coming week is spring break (SPRING BREAK!!), and you know the rest of the school year always flies from here. Summer is coming summer is coming!! We are starting off the break with a wedding in Atlanta followed by our first trip to the American Girl store!!!
Besides all that I finally cleaned out and organized my closet. This was my New Year's resolution, and the last of my unpacking...except two boxes of books I can't decide what to do with. Also, I did a painting for the couple getting married this weekend. They registered for a painting with the same colors, so I'm hoping this is "them". Also, Ben has a tooth sticking out. We thought we could pull it but it was more attached than we thought sooo it's still in there.
Okay, off to pack for our trip!!

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