Tuesday, March 22, 2011

bad advice

A few years ago when Benjamin was a baby we were walking in the grocery store, and an older woman stopped a young mom and asked if her child was her only one. When she said yes the older woman excitedly told her that she should not have anymore b/c she just had one son and he was the most perfect child/person (she said he was in his 30s now) because she could give him her whole attention. Wow, I mean WOW right? I can only imagine what it would be like to be the daughter in law of this woman. Anyway, after she said this she glanced over at me ( I was probably staring in shock) then looked from me to Natalie and then Ben and gave a look that said both disgust and pity and also ahh you are a lost cause. I then looked at the young mom and said something like," We're pretty happy not being perfect".
So today I thought of this again. I thought of how there is never enough time/energy to give all my children the attention I would like to give them. I was thinking of how successful they would be if I could nurture them individually constantly, or at least finally achieve ever elusive balance. Today I had this plan of what I could do with the kids separately, but as it is most days nothing worked out right. Ben didn't want to go play soccer with me he wanted to watch TV. N was hot when she got home and wanted alone time. Then when we were all ready to go out H started crying... But eventually H fell asleep and Natalie and Ben both got the time they needed to themselves and were in better moods to go play catch outside and laugh and roll in the grass. Then N played with Hallie so I could have the time and patience to help B with his homework. Then there was the beautiful time of about one hour where they just played together happily, and when I came to check on them they were all curled up next to each other ( I mean it was magic). It was better than I planned.
Okay so I just get little slivers of time to be with them one on one, but the rest of the time I think they are getting some great character building-learning patience, sharing, love, etc. aaand not having the pressure to be the perfect child. And I think er know that is perfect for us.
p.s. This photo has not much to do with this post except we have been enjoying the gorgeous sunshine, and I love Hallie's sun hat (even though she hates it and wants to pull it off but thankfully she hasn't figured out velcro yet).

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

this time of year

This time of year is not my favorite. It could be. It has possibility. Its finally getting warm and buds are starting to sprout flowers, but its so awkward. Its not cold but its not warm. The Bradford pears blooming mean my allergies will be making me miserable for weeks. You can see in these pictures that Ben's sensitive eyes are not quite ready for this bright spring light after a long, dark winter. The good news is in just a few weeks it really will be warm. The white trees will turn green. The rest of the world will bloom, and our skin and eyes will adjust to the sunlight. :)
Our baby is getting strong! She pulling her legs under her and trying to crawl with all her baby might. How did I forget how amazing babies are??
These photos are from our weekend in Atlanta. The wedding we went to was gorgeous- a simple gorgeous. It was the most perfect March day, and the kids were all in a good mood. Then Natalie, and Gigi and I went to the American Girl store. It was like Christmas morning for Natalie! Really, it was the perfect weekend and I wish it could have lasted all week.

Friday, March 11, 2011

ladybug in my meatloaf and wedding painting

Yes, one of our many new household pets er pests landed right in Natalie's meatloaf last night. Ew. The ladybugs, along with the many new beautiful blooms outside and the sound of sneezing inside, are a sign that our world is about to change. I am feeling this urgency but I don't know if its the urgency to hold on to the last cozy days of winter snuggling up to with my baby. Or if its the urgent feeling that spring is coming and I can't wait for it to burst forth with all of its mightiness of blooms and warmth. I'm so excited for days where the trees are fully dressed, and we don't have to bundle up to go out and play. I'm excited for Hallie to see this world and play in the grass.
So this coming week is spring break (SPRING BREAK!!), and you know the rest of the school year always flies from here. Summer is coming summer is coming!! We are starting off the break with a wedding in Atlanta followed by our first trip to the American Girl store!!!
Besides all that I finally cleaned out and organized my closet. This was my New Year's resolution, and the last of my unpacking...except two boxes of books I can't decide what to do with. Also, I did a painting for the couple getting married this weekend. They registered for a painting with the same colors, so I'm hoping this is "them". Also, Ben has a tooth sticking out. We thought we could pull it but it was more attached than we thought sooo it's still in there.
Okay, off to pack for our trip!!