Wednesday, February 9, 2011

strep, pneumonia and ear infections oh my

I feel like I need to wash my hands after I touch ANYTHING in my house. Michael has strep, and Benjamin has the other two mentioned above. Last night was a sleepless one, and I really should be sleeping and not posting. Funny how my body got a 30 min. nap and thought it was go time. Today was one of those dead of winter days that make you a little stir crazy. Yesterday I bought Hallie the cutest little yellow polka dot bathing suit with ruffles and a matching sun hat, and I am dreaming of the sunny days that she will be able to wear them. The picture above is of a very much needed girls night last week at this painting place I've been wanting to try out. I know I paint on my own, but it was fun to try out with friends. Anyway, back to the sick topic...
There is something I do like about sick days though. The permission to just be and relax. How my big kids melt back into my arms and hold me tight. Its a reminder of how fragile we are. How precious it is to be healthy. B was so miserable today. He would drift off for 20 mins. or so and then wake up clutching his ear despite alternating Motrin and Tylenol. I couldn't help but feel a little catch in my chest as he took the doctor visit in stride climbing up to get x-rayed like he does it every day and with no drama. Is this how boys are? Always so capable? Tonight I can't think of a better ending to my day than to watch my little B drift off to sleep right in the middle of Sylvestor and the Magic Pebble finally at peace.


  1. Poor guys!

    You have some talented friends! I like your painting a ton! I like the background the best... Good Job!

  2. Thanks! They all looked better in person and I like how the girl to my right did hers differently. They are opening one in Richmond soon!