Wednesday, February 23, 2011

game on

Yesterday we got the latest Family Fun in the mail with ideas for a family game night "Minute to Win It". The kids looooved the idea and set to work putting the games together. This was a relief to me b/c it gave me time pull myself together, make dinner, etc. while they were having a blast. They stuffed paper bags with newspaper to make balls that you flip into a laundry basket using a spatula, transferring ice from one bowl to another using only yarn and salt, and transferring dried beans (well we used split peas) from one bowl to another using tweezers. Also, I decided to make a tutu yesterday and mom realized it was the 22nd and joked it was 2-2 (tutu) day. Anyway :)... next time I will buy a darker color tulle and another yard (I only bought one yard).
In other news I made a soup Michael loves and it has fueled his recent obsession with salsa verde (the green kind). Its so box chicken broth, one shredded rotisserie chicken, one jar salsa verde, and one can white beans (whatever kind you like great northern, navy...). Heat and eat. Yum.
Also, just in case my last post made you want to have a baby or two. laugh. I should update that now when Hallie wakes up she scoots to the edge of the crib on her belly, pushes the bumper pad down, grabs the wooden slats with both hands and screams. Sigh. Its a sad sight. I'm obviously not going to go run and get the camera when she's doing that, but I did attempt to recreate it so you can get the full picture...literally.

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