Wednesday, February 23, 2011

game on

Yesterday we got the latest Family Fun in the mail with ideas for a family game night "Minute to Win It". The kids looooved the idea and set to work putting the games together. This was a relief to me b/c it gave me time pull myself together, make dinner, etc. while they were having a blast. They stuffed paper bags with newspaper to make balls that you flip into a laundry basket using a spatula, transferring ice from one bowl to another using only yarn and salt, and transferring dried beans (well we used split peas) from one bowl to another using tweezers. Also, I decided to make a tutu yesterday and mom realized it was the 22nd and joked it was 2-2 (tutu) day. Anyway :)... next time I will buy a darker color tulle and another yard (I only bought one yard).
In other news I made a soup Michael loves and it has fueled his recent obsession with salsa verde (the green kind). Its so box chicken broth, one shredded rotisserie chicken, one jar salsa verde, and one can white beans (whatever kind you like great northern, navy...). Heat and eat. Yum.
Also, just in case my last post made you want to have a baby or two. laugh. I should update that now when Hallie wakes up she scoots to the edge of the crib on her belly, pushes the bumper pad down, grabs the wooden slats with both hands and screams. Sigh. Its a sad sight. I'm obviously not going to go run and get the camera when she's doing that, but I did attempt to recreate it so you can get the full picture...literally.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

birds painting and letting it sink in

When I was preg there were so many things I dreamed about....could.not.wait.for. One of them was to get the good morning greeting from a baby again. Not the bad kind of good morning greeting that involves screaming at 3 a.m. No, this is the dreamy kind where you softly walk into baby's room the sunlight is slowly filtering in and all you can hear is baby's babble. Then you wait for baby to see you and there it is... As soon as Hallie sees my face she stops grabbing on her feet and talking to her mobile and gives me the biggest, happiest, most pure smile possible. In that moment I think my smile is as big as hers and my whole body feels like it will burst. I know that sounds so third grade or something but really every particle in my body just thinks it might burst with happiness. I meant to take a photo of that this morning but I didn't want to ruin the moment. I just hope I will never forget this. I'm hoping with this last baby that maybe things will finally sink in. That I can hold on to the memories a little bit better because its so hard to remember my other two as babies and the exact feelings I had back then. I want to absorb everything. I'm journaling, taking pictures, taking video, but what I want it to REMEMBER the exact feeling of her soft skin, her surprised eyes when she hears a noise she doesn't know, of nursing, the sounds of her baby babble, her one-toothed smile, her smell... some have tried to bottle it but its not possible. I think its a little bit of heaven.
So the painting was a little collaboration I did with my BF Julie and was a present for M's mom. I made some really happy memories making this so it makes me smile. It is based on a painting at OP Jenkins but I think this one took on a life of its own.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

strep, pneumonia and ear infections oh my

I feel like I need to wash my hands after I touch ANYTHING in my house. Michael has strep, and Benjamin has the other two mentioned above. Last night was a sleepless one, and I really should be sleeping and not posting. Funny how my body got a 30 min. nap and thought it was go time. Today was one of those dead of winter days that make you a little stir crazy. Yesterday I bought Hallie the cutest little yellow polka dot bathing suit with ruffles and a matching sun hat, and I am dreaming of the sunny days that she will be able to wear them. The picture above is of a very much needed girls night last week at this painting place I've been wanting to try out. I know I paint on my own, but it was fun to try out with friends. Anyway, back to the sick topic...
There is something I do like about sick days though. The permission to just be and relax. How my big kids melt back into my arms and hold me tight. Its a reminder of how fragile we are. How precious it is to be healthy. B was so miserable today. He would drift off for 20 mins. or so and then wake up clutching his ear despite alternating Motrin and Tylenol. I couldn't help but feel a little catch in my chest as he took the doctor visit in stride climbing up to get x-rayed like he does it every day and with no drama. Is this how boys are? Always so capable? Tonight I can't think of a better ending to my day than to watch my little B drift off to sleep right in the middle of Sylvestor and the Magic Pebble finally at peace.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

painting for the birds

Okay no this painting was for my friend Christin- not birds. I think its fun!

Friday, February 4, 2011

I am no Betty Crocker

Happy 30th to the mister!!!!!!! I got a pretty good laugh about how ugly the cake was, but I will say it was sooooooo yummy!