Thursday, October 28, 2010

love story

As soon as the weather gets cooler and the leaves start falling I always think about how M and I unknowingly began this life together when we were just 18 (18!). It all really started on senior trip when we both happened to be sitting in the back of the bus (with other friends!). Sooo at one rest stop he happened to get gummi worms and I happened to really really love gummi just about anything. So I sort of maybe ate almost all of them. Then I felt really bad about that and thought I should replace them so there would be no bad feelings between us as we parted ways. So I brought the replacement worms to John Chobanian's post graduation party, handed him the worms, and I thought okay I'll probably never see him again (ha). I actually saw sort of a lot of him that summer as some of us would go to his parents house and go out on the lake. He was one of the few guys I felt so comfortable being myself with... So when school started we would all still hang out together a bit and went to campus Younglife on Wednesdays. My roommate (Cat), M, and I all decided about a month into that we didn't want to be leaders, so we started just hanging out on Wednesdays. I started thinking this guy is really nice and pretty cute...Then I know at some point he invited me to a football game...then ice skating... He drove to Chatt. during fall break to come see me and Cat, (we were babysitting her cousin), and I remember being excited that he liked PB & Js with banana on it (its that little things, right?). Then one sunny, crisp fall day (a lot like today) I was eating in the cafeteria at Morrell and I saw M and some girl walking by outside the window and thought whhhooo is that girl he's with? And I felt hmmm jealous, and I realized I felt more for him than I thought I did. It turns out she was a girl from class that just wanted someone to take her to the mall (yeah right :))- sort of like when he found out I went to breakfast with a guy from English class (we were both hungry after class, end of story). On the Sunday after Thanksgiving we had our very first kiss and it was pretty amazing and that pretty much sealed it- I was super crazy about Michael Hagood. And the rest, as they say (yes I'm this cheesy), is history....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

little precious

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Here's our happy girl! Still working on getting a pic of her smiling- it's so brief!
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

chicken pot pie

I need to post this fast, but really wanted to share this recipe.... or you can search cheddar pot pie on
I had no idea you can make your own cream of chicken- I can make my OWN cream of chicken and not have to use the nasty yellow stuff in the can (although this is very convenient and prob. will do again at some point BUT I have the option now). I used rotisserie chicken so make note you need chicken broth. Also, I used extra carrots and peas and no potatoes. It is so rich and creamy, but a bit high in calories so I'll make it as a special dinner every now and then. Trust me it smells and looks so wonderful. Sorry no time for a pic. Love it! Bon appetit..

Saturday, October 2, 2010

the little little one

Hallie is 9 weeks and has just started smiling a lot in the past week- LOVE it! She loves her sister's panda and a little cow I found in the play room. I think they are easier to focus on b/c they are black and white. Anyway, she will stare at them for a long time and "talk" to them and smile like they are old friends. :)
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nati's b-day present

I promised Natalie that by her birthday we would have her bedroom painted and decorated. Her bedroom came out a Tiffany blue, and my parents present this year was an adorable chandelier. She loves it- I love it! I sort of wish it was my bedroom. :)
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