Sunday, August 29, 2010

sunday unwrapped

It always amazes me how God catches my attention and gives me little gifts... I made the mistake of taking sweet Hallie to Walmart today to grocery shop. I actually got to do a majority of the shopping in peace (well sort of peace as I was rushing through crossing my fingers and saying a prayer that she would please please stay sleeping). I was in the midst of the produce when I the roses caught my eye, and I was thinking how they are a lot brighter and prettier than usual. I had the brief thought it would be nice to get some but that is completely impractical, so maybe for my birthday or something another day. So anyway I kept shopping, and she made it until the very end but then was screeeeaming as loud as she could. I never realized screaming babies got so much attention. One sympathetic cashier even opened up a new line just for me so I could get OUT of there, and many well-meaning people gave advice that I didn't exactly appreciate. Thank you random guy that told me I must hold her too much. But then as I was loading the groceries into my car the woman that was unloading groceries in the car one over walked up to me and guess what she handed me. Yep, a rose.

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