Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the other side

So here we are- on the other side! Natalie and I packed up last Thurs. and jumped in the car for Knoxville. We were both so excited to get there that Natalie didn't even mind that the DVD player didn't work (I um didn't realize part of it wasn't plugged in) and that my ipod wasn't charged. It felt so good to be with our boys again! We spent a few days relaxing and swimming. The kids even went out on the jet ski with M (they've been too afraid the past few years) and loved it. We also had brunch at Fox Den Sunday with my whole family, and that felt so good since I haven't been with all of them since Christmas. So now we're at the beach and it's bliss. The kids have been wave jumping and swimming and on the hunt for gators. God has been giving me this amazing energy, so I'm thankful for that with my two bundles of energy. Then other times I'm feeling very heavy and a bit drained. I can't believe we'll be a party of five in 6 or 7 weeks! Wow! I can't wait to see this little girl! I think the kids don't believe a baby is really ever coming out. :) I told M I feel like I'm going against nature b/c I'm really wanting to "nest" and there is no house to nest in. Our stuff is sort of all sprawled out all over my parents house and the kids are sleeping on an air bed. I'm sure we'll figure out a good living situation in the basement (or hopefully will sell our house!). Anyway, it will happen eventually, and I know that our baby will eventually have a really cute room. For now I guess this is an excuse to relax!

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  1. Ok, so I'm thinking that your sweet baby girl could use our nursery until I decide that I'm ready to have a baby. Just think, we have plenty of room, and by the time she gets here, I'll be at work. You can come hide out over here all day and no one will bother you but Chevy and we can just leave him in his crate. I am so excited for a baby to play with. YAY!