Sunday, June 6, 2010

calm before the storm

In only four days I will be back in Knoxville! M came in this weekend and left this morning taking Ben with him. So here Natalie and I sit sort of wondering what to do with ourselves, and being a bit jealous that the boys are where we want to be. I'm feeling really bad for M two years ago when he was here by himself in a new town with not much to do and not even a TV. I am so very glad we moved here and experienced everything we did, but now I'm so very very glad to be moving home! My friends and fam that have moved away from their "home" can all relate in knowing how hard it is to keep saying good-bye to people you love and just want to hang out with. So I'm so excited that now we get to relax, and be with people we love without having to check our watches and divide time between everyone. It's such a relief! I'm also so excited about the kids getting to grow up around their grandparents (something I didn't have), and for us to have free babysitting again. :) We have A LOT to do and our house still hasn't sold (meaning we can't buy a new one yet), but hey we can take all this a day at a time. I'm just happy our little family can all be together again and start up this new life we have been looking forward to the past few months! Also, Natalie is officially addicted to Mad Libs. I used to LOVE them, and I thought it would be a fun sneaky way to keep her up on reading and knowing what nouns and adjectives are and also to pass time in the car (on the way to Knox. and the beach). I still have to be reminded what adverbs are. Should I admit that? Anyway, she thought it would be lame and now she loves it, and we've done almost a whole book together today. I don't think I can think up any more creative nouns and adjectives and funny sounds. So yes, this is what I'm doing instead of packing up- blogging and doing Mad Libs.

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