Friday, May 21, 2010

a few recent pics

slow days unwrapped

I'm not myself when hubs is gone I'm just not. I fully admit I would make a terrible military wife, and I have no idea how single parents do it. I feel like life is on hold, and we're all counting the days until we are all in the same state. Well, this also coincides with Natalie's last day of school, so she would be counting that down anyway. Having said all that there are some really beautiful things about these past days. Mom and I went to a farmer's market on Wed. and got some local honey, jam and fruit. The kids loved running through the rows of flowers and smelling all of them. The honey inspired me to make a honey cake (traditional for Rosh Hashanah apparently). So good- esp. yesterday straight out of the oven! The sun has spread a gorgeous light all over the house, and in those moments I'm seriously wishing someone would come see the house b/c they would fall in love with it then and there. Before Wed. we had several days of rain, so I pried Ben out of the house (and TV/computer induced coma) for a picnic in the backyard and to play. I would have taken a pic, but it wouldn't have done the day justice. Ben had his first tee ball game last night, and that was fun. I really know nothing about baseball, but it looked like fun and that he's learning the game a bit. I know M really missed being there, but don't worry there will be lots of other games- next year! Besides that I've been painting and reading. Just finished Sarah's Key and don't recommend it- awful ugh. We've had various parties including horseback riding with the g. scouts (Nat now thinks she has to have a horse- ha!) and a surprise baby shower for me after that (can't believe my kids kept that secret!). We're looking forward to what else we have to unwrap in the days ahead, and praying for peace to get through the next few weeks and not worry about how things are all going to work out with the move and baby.