Monday, March 8, 2010

love and aloha

So we're back from the Big Island! I'm so glad the tsunami didn't hit as they thought it would, so we could have a fabulous week to relax! We stayed at the Hilton Waikaloa and loved it- it's huge! We spent a few days just relaxing there. They have a great lagoon that is ocean fed and had lots of fish and some sea turtles that we swam with. We took a day to drive around the island and see it all- amazing! We couldn't believe how one side of the island could be hot and desert-like while the other side could be so rainy and cold on the same day. We went to Volcanoes Nat. Park and stopped to take a walk to a waterfall. We spent a day with my Aunt Kim, her husband David, and friend Pam. They took us to some local spots in Kona- had pizza on the beach, walked to see some lava tubes, to the City of Refuge, and the Painted Church. So all and all- a trip we'll never forget!

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