Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This morning I've spent the last hour catching up on blog reading and loving every minute of it. It's a guilty pleasure as I know there are sooo many other things I probably should be doing with my time. I love hearing about what others are going through and their every days joys and sadnesses. One girl I read about had me cracking up saying she had caught a mouse but only one of its legs were trapped so it was crawling/thumping across her kitchen like a pirate with a wooden leg! Another girl is writing about the process of losing her mother. So I started thinking about how amazing I think it is that the God of all the universe is interested in our stories- in my story. He's interested in our joys, sorrows, what we're laughing about, what we're excited about, what we're nervous about....
Soo...what's going on with us? We had a really great long weekend with Michael's parents here. Michael and I saw Leap Year- it was cute, not a must see it now but cute! Michael saw Avatar with his dad and highly recommends it. I couldn't help but stop and stare at the movie poster for Wolfman. I mean you might think I'm crazy, but I think its fabulous. So much emotion in one photo-gives me chills. Not saying I want to see it. I went shopping with big Andrea (I'm sorry you've inherited this name)and had so much fun. The spring clothes are really cute this year at Old Navy! I will not go into how annoying it is that all the maternity clothes have been moved from our local store to Greensboro, and Benjamin watched an entire movie in the car before we found the store that they were sent to. I'm really excited about what we found for me to wear in Hawaii so all's well that ends well. I'm savoring this little bit of time where my belly is adorable b/c I know what I look like in the 3rd trimester. :) Speaking of Little- I'm 15 weeks and M read to me last night that he/she is the size of an orange. It's moving its limbs and fingers and toes. It's really so strange that I can't feel all this movement, but I will very soon! Sometimes when I'm laying still I think I can feel a poke or flutter but I haven't felt that I know for sure moment yet. It was during this week in my 2nd pregnancy we found out we were having a boy, so its weird to think I'm that far along. We are really going to try and not find out on our appt. March 10th, but I will be so excited to get a good view of this little one. I taught Sunday school last week and the kids were really excited to find out I'm having a baby and they wanted to touch my belly and pray for it. It's so very sweet to be surrounded by these little ones that are so caring for this even smaller one. They get so excited another one of "them" is coming! Anyway, I had a very relaxing time last week glad I got to feel like a normal part of society again- going out to eat, and shop, and M's mom gave me lots of time to rest and cleaned for me. My poor vacuum sucked up two months worth of dirt (I should be embarrassed but it was enough just getting the laundry and dishes done these past months). Thank you Andrea! We also picked up 1,428 boxes of girl scout cookies (I'm the cookie manager this year). We joked that Michael got a girl scout workout loading all those boxes, then unloading them at our house, then loading them into cars when people picked them up. We still have many boxes lined up in our house waiting for a few to pick up, and it's really hard for the kids to ignore the cookies. I took a pic of Natalie with all the boxes but I can't find my camera to post it. Just picture LOTS of cookies! So yes good times and btw we are taking suggestions on boy names if you have a good one!

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