Tuesday, February 16, 2010

how to say I love you

Okay I'm a little late as V-day was two days ago but I was reading a magazine this weekend, and the editor posed this question. Which of these statements is more difficult to get out of your mouth? (A) I love you, honey! or (B) You go watch TV, honey. You've had a tough day. I'll clean the mess in the kitchen (even though it's your turn, and my day wasn't so hot either).
Ha, yeah it's just much easier to SAY I love you and the doing it that's not always so easy. This made me think of my hubs b/c while I've always been a more of candy, presents, snuggles type of love giver M is one of those- what does the 5 love languages call it?...service love giver. It actually took me a few years to realize that when he's washing my car it's like he's saying with each little scrub I love you I love you. But really he's always helping me out in various ways that I don't expect, and I am so grateful for that- esp. lately when I have no energy. So thank you hubs and happy late love day!


  1. Good observation...it's good to start to figure these things out in our marriage! I am reading the 5 love laguages of your child in a group right now. Fun suff!

  2. I read that last summer- so interesting! I couldn't figure out my kids individual love lang. yet. They seem to like them all. :)